An AI Co-Pilot for Financial Analysts and Investment Firms

Why Fin-GPT

Data is often fragmented, scattered, and disorganised across the web and established platforms. addresses this by facilitating informed decision-making through market intelligence by consolidating information from multiple sources, placing it at the users' fingertips.

Affordable Access to Advanced Tools
Offering capabilities comparable to premium tools like Bloomberg Terminal at a fraction of the cost, democratizing access to high-level market intelligence.
Data-Driven Decision Making
Equipping investors with AI-generated insights to minimize emotional biases and enhance the quality of investment decisions.
Demystifying Financial Information
Presenting market insights in a user-friendly format, making it accessible even to those with limited financial knowledge
Consolidating & Analyzing Data
Consolidating Key Financial Data. Aggregating data from multiple sources into a single, easy to use platform, saving time and reducing complexity
Efficiency and Speed
Enabling rapid analysis and retrieval of historical and real time data, helping users make swift and informed investment choices.

Navigating Financial Insights at the

Speed of Thought

Seamlessly discover crucial insights on companies, delve into trending topics, and explore diverse industries across an expansive content universe all at the speed of thought. From in-depth financial analysis to personalized investment recommendations, Fin-GPT transforms your financial journey from hours of research to seconds of enlightenment.
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All the Insights you need in one place


Mutual Fund Data

Accelerate comprehensive top-down and bottom-up research by 5-10 times with FINGPT. Gain swift access to comprehensive mutual fund data and valuable insights into fund managers

Stock Details

Instantly analyze stocks with real-time insights, including fundamentals, technicals, and global news sentiment, making investment decisions a single click away !

Competetive Intelligence

Gain strategic insights into competitors, make informed investment decisions, and stay ahead of market trends. Leverage real-time data to adapt your portfolio dynamically. Uncover opportunities and optimize your investment strategy with confidence.

Market Intelligence

In a dynamic market landscape, your business priorities evolve rapidly. FINGPT's Market Intelligence empowers you to swiftly identify crucial insights, enabling you to grasp the context needed to navigate market dynamics, anticipate challenges, and stay ahead of the competition. Seamlessly stitch historical and real time data, calculate key metrics, and upload financial documents directly. Save time with Smart Summaries focusing on crucial analysis. Discover investment opportunities through simple thematic searches, mapping markets, identifying new companies.

Preferred by Leading Financial Institutions and Corporations.

Startups & Corporates, your essential ally in startup growth, streamlines fundraising with vital investor data and empowers your journey with strategic insights.
Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, the ultimate ally for VCs and Angel Investors, offers reliable data for confident investment choices, elevating your journey with unparalleled opportunities.
Fund houses, Asset Managers & Portfolio Managers transforms financial decision-making for Fund Houses by consolidating diverse data points, providing a unified platform for strategic insights and unparalleled investment strategies.
Hedge funds revolutionizes Hedge Fund strategies with a cutting-edge platform for real-time stock market analysis, providing swift, accurate insights for informed decision-making in asset classes.
Government Agencies & Universities revolutionizes economic assessments for Government Agencies with a groundbreaking tool that quickly analyzes financial documents, providing concise summaries for efficient research and analysis. transforms university research with a comprehensive platform tailored for academia, offering rich data for economic research and analysis, propelling academic endeavors to new heights.
Transform your banking intelligence with, the cutting-edge platform empowering banks for data-driven decisions, strategic planning, and comprehensive financial analysis

What makes us Different ?



FIN-GPT democratizes equity investment, removing barriers for everyone, regardless of financial expertise. Our user-friendly platform caters to diverse levels of knowledge, simplifying the traditional learning curve.



FINGPT offers a cost-effective alternative to pricey market intelligence platforms. Access comprehensive solutions affordably without compromising quality. Embrace financial intelligence with cost-effectiveness.


Direct Equity Investment

Effortlessly execute equity transactions with FIN-GPT. Our seamless integration with registered brokers makes direct equity investment as straightforward as your favorite e-commerce platform.


Real Time Data

Stay ahead with FIN-GPT's real-time news and stock market analysis. Rely on us for timely, accurate, and actionable financial intelligence, combining up-to-the-minute insights with historical trends for informed decision-making.


Research Platform

Empower your financial analysis with FIN-GPT, your trusted Co-Pilot. Pre-trained with premium financial data, it streamlines research and delivers valuable stock insights for a diverse user base.


One Stop Solution

Leverage FIN-GPT as your seamless Co-Pilot for financial analysts and investors. Our AI, pre-trained with premium financial data, streamlines research, handles quantitative queries, and delivers valuable stock insights for a diverse user base.


Trustworthy Data

Distinguish FIN-GPT as a reliable data source beyond regular search engines. Our platform ensures access to authenticated data, instilling confidence in decision-making and setting a new standard for financial insights integrit


PDF analysis feature

Imagine the ease of uploading any financial document or content directly, creating a seamless workflow. Reports, statements, or critical data – bring it all together effortlessly on our visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

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Synergize the power of AI with real-time data for immediate, actionable intelligence

Does FIN-GPT give financial advice?
While FIN-GPT is a robust investment research assistant, it is crucial to acknowledge that it does not offer financial advice. Rather, FIN-GPT provides extensive market data, insights, and analysis to empower you in forming your own investment conclusions. FIN-GPT serves as a valuable tool to enhance your investment knowledge; however, it is important to supplement it with additional resources and exercise personal judgment when making financial decisions.
Is the information obtained from FIN-GPT reliable and trustworthy?
FIN-GPT is designed to provide factual information based on rigorous analysis of vast amounts of data. However, despite our best efforts, there is a possibility of occasional inaccuracies or incomplete information in FIN-GPT's responses. We encourage you to fact-check or seek additional sources if you have any doubts or concerns about a specific answer from FIN-GPT.
How much does it cost to use FIN-GPT?
If you are using the pay-per-query model, you will be charged for each individual query. However, with a subscription, you will have unlimited access until the end of the subscription period.
Do I need a Public account to use FIN-GPT?
Access to FIN-GPT will be provided through a account signup. By creating a account, you will gain access to real-time financial data and receive assistance in navigating the markets effectively

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