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For startups navigating the challenging landscape of fundraising and market competition, stands as the essential ally. Our platform is designed to seamlessly provide investor data for fundraising initiatives and facilitate in-depth competitor analysis from a vast pool of private and public company financials. With, startups gain the strategic insights needed to thrive in a dynamic business environment. Empower your startup journey with – where success meets data-driven precision.

Venture capitalists & Angel Investors is the catalyst for informed investment decisions for Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Angel Investors. Our platform specialises in providing a comprehensive analysis of startup companies and their financials, offering invaluable insights crucial for investment strategizing. With, VCs and Angel Investors gain a trusted ally for due diligence, leveraging reliable data that forms the foundation of confident and successful investment choices. Elevate your investment journey with – where reliable data transforms into unparalleled investment opportunities.

Fund Houses consolidates a wealth of data on both private and public listed companies onto a single platform. This comprehensive data hub serves as the cornerstone for Fund Houses, offering an array of data points essential for strategic decision-making. With, fund managers can seamlessly access the insights they need, streamlining the investment decision process and ensuring that every financial move is backed by accurate and dependable data. Elevate your financial decision-making with – where data convenience meets the trustworthiness demanded by Fund Houses seeking excellence.

Asset Managers sets itself apart by consolidating a wealth of data from private and public listed companies onto a unified platform. This centralized access equips Asset Managers with the tools needed to make informed decisions with confidence. Whether it's scrutinizing private startups or navigating the financial intricacies of public companies, offers a tailored suite of tools designed for Asset Managers, streamlining every aspect of asset management.

Hedge Funds stands out by offering a cutting-edge platform that provides real-time data analysis, allowing Hedge Funds to navigate the complexities of the stock market with agility. Whether it's hedging various asset classes or gaining insights into stock movements, ensures that Hedge Funds have the tools they need for timely and informed decision-making.

Government Agencies

Revolutionizes the way economic assessments are conducted. offers a seamless solution for government agencies to evaluate the economy swiftly and comprehensively. By allowing the uploading of financial documents, our AI analyzes the entire content and provides concise summaries in a matter of seconds. This transformative approach not only saves valuable time but also offers a clear and instant picture of the economy, market trends, or any targeted companies.

Corporates facilitates in-depth market analysis, providing corporates with a comprehensive understanding of market trends. The platform excels in competitor analysis, offering a detailed view of competitors' financials and strategic moves, enhancing competitive intelligence. Whether it's strategic planning or economic forecasting, serves as the cornerstone, offering a swift and efficient means to analyze trends, fostering informed decision-making.

Universities serves as a cornerstone for universities, fostering a data-rich environment for economic research analysis. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of academicians, students, researchers, and research scholars, as well as university incubations, our platform propels academic endeavors to new heights.


Banks, relying on, gain access to comprehensive market analysis, unraveling insights into economic trends and competitive landscapes. The platform excels not only in providing detailed competitor analyses, offering a nuanced understanding of financials and strategic moves but also addresses the critical need for evaluating creditworthiness and financial performance.

Portfolio Managers

In the dynamic domain of Portfolio Management, emerges as the cornerstone for precision insights. Meticulously crafted for Portfolio Managers, our platform redefines the approach to creating and managing resilient investment portfolios. Distinguished by its versatility, offers an all-encompassing toolkit Whether it's optimizing asset allocations, scrutinizing market trends, or conducting in-depth analyses, provides the precise tools necessary for informed decision-making.